If That's You...I Will Personally Guide You Step-By-Step 
To Help You Experience 
The Health, Happiness, Inner Peace & Freedom
Above & Beyond Your Desires In The Next 12 Months. 
Valerie Grace Has Been Featured In:
Are You Ready 
To Surprise Yourself With The Person You Can Evolve Into
.....And The Life You Can Create?
You'll learn how you can rise above the daily grind & start living & thriving in a fulfilling life you're excited about 

- without sacrificing your wellbeing by 
'fighting hard' & burning out
You'll learn how to finally experience the joy, inner peace, confidence & freedom never thought was possible for you...in a sustainable way
that actually works
-  without the need to 'getaway'
You'll learn how you 
can have more fun & depth in meaningful relationships 
in romance, 
friendships & professional partnerships like never before

- drama-free!
You'll learn how to unleash your untapped gifts & potential
and show up as a blessing to your family, workplace  & community 

- even if the naysayers
said it's 'impossible' for you
Success Stories
Be Inspired By What's Possible For You Too
"For a very long time, I was lost living in unhappiness, frustration and anxiety. 

I was in a vicious cycle of insomnia, health issues and negative thoughts.  
In just 3 weeks, I’ve gotten back my sleep. My zest for life. 
I no longer live in fear & anxiety.

At 6 months, I reversed an 8 year health challenge. 
While I was advancing quickly at work.  
I have also turned one of my wildest 'impossible' dreams into reality. 

In just 6 months, I have achieved more than I have in 29 years.
 Today, I'm so much more light-hearted, less intense...I never felt better about myself! 

Working with Val is very empowering and eye/mind opening as she patiently guides me to uncover who I really am. 
I never thought I would be able to expand my world like this.
No words can describe how much I appreciate to have met Val and to have her guidance, 
and company on this life-long and very exciting adventure."

Business Manager in Human Resource MNC
"I feel more confident & beautiful 
than I did past 10 years!  
I used to believe it's impossible for me to break the vicious cycle of shame, guilt, fear &  low-confidence. 
I used to feel like I was always racing with time & money 
- just to pay the bills.

But now, I look at money very differently.
I feel richer than ever before. 
I enjoy being a blessing to others - without discounting myself. 

I can now create more wealth so that I can help more people.
I enjoy cultivating myself into the woman I want to be.
I feel so much more happier & free. 

Even in challenging times, I can show up in my fullest power. 
I feel so blessed I get to work with Val."
"In just the second week, I felt a major difference. 
This is a life-changing program. Val is a true miracle worker.  

If hadn't gone for the program, I probably would be still
stuck in the vicious cycle of not eating, constantly exercising.

My hair is growing back, my energy levels improved. 
My mood is better. I feel at peace.
My relationship with my mom is also better. 

I’ve learned that I CAN be financially abundant 
without having to burn out. 
I've grown into a woman who plays big
instead of staying small.

Every session is powerful. 
Val has taught me how to love life.
And how to get back on track even if I had bad days. 
No amount of words can express how grateful I am."
- Eunice
College Undergraduate & Sales Executive
"I remember when I first approached Val, 
my marriage was breaking apart. 
 Looking back, the breakthroughs are phenomenal.
I feel amazed...To this day, I’m still receiving breakthroughs in my relationship with my husband.

I’m contented & grateful for what I have. 
But...I still had this nagging feeling that there can be more. More of myself to give to the world.

I felt uncomfortable every day.
Because I felt like I wasn't at my best.
I regularly worked on myself....listened to podcasts, read books and continued to invest time in myself. 
But alone, I was moving on so slowly. 

I wish to do more, breakthrough faster and achieve what I have dreamed of. Because what I want to bring to the world must be known earlier. 

 I want to go ALL IN into this program. I want to invest money in myself. Spend 1 year to studying my life. 
And create Exponential Growth. 
Family Planning Strategist
"I used to struggle with anxiety. 
I didn't know how to heal my hurts. 
And they ended up hurting my life for years..
In health, relationships, career & self-image.

No amount of counseling helped me....
until Val helped me heal deep-set wounds 
accumulated over the years. 

Now, fear no longer runs my life. 
I  see & feel differently about the world & myself.
I feel free - like I've broken out from a cage 
and I can fly again. 

I feel light, happy, relaxed & 
grateful that I've found meaning in life. 
I'm set free to experience breakthroughs in 
my career & relationships I never believed 
was possible for me."
you'll never regret joining


Break free from unhealthy vicious cycles and thrive in your physical health, emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing with proven, time-tested strategies  

- without wasting another cent on
'band-aid' solutions that don't work 


With solid support from Val (who has successfully reinvented her life within months AND help others do the same),  you'll not just get in touch with your dreams again. 

You'll learn how to turn them into reality by sharing your unique gifts with others AND create financial abundance


You'll be amazed how quickly you can experience positive results in your wellbeing, relationships & even career - within just weeks. 

(#FACT : Our members' track record report they feel a  positive difference in just ONE session with Val)
Cosmopolitan Fearless Spirit Award Winner 2015
Complementary Medicine of the United Kingdom 
The World Federation of Chinese Naturopathy
The difference of loathing life & loving life
Lebanese wedding with my husband, Mr. El Deek 
'My' kids. My 'why' :) 
Valerie Grace
8 Year Health Disaster & 6 Figure Bankrupt
Turned Award-Winning 'Miracle Worker',
Spiritual Counsellor, Mentor, East & West Naturopath
"Hi dear One, it's Val.
3 years ago, I looked nothing like that.
In fact, I shouldn’t have been alive.

After 8 years of dysfunctional living with ‘incurable chronic problems’ such as severe anorexia, irritable bowel syndrome,  
psoriasis, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 
amenorrhea (abnormal loss of period), 
12 years of fearing relationships and drastic career failures with 
6-figure business debts, 

I know how it feels to look like life’s great on the outside 
but it’s actually crumbling in your personal life 
– physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and even financially.
Your life keeps spiraling down to a point you 
don't even recognize yourself. In fact, you may even 
grow to dislike yourself...and ultimately hate yourself.

I was called a ‘hopeless impossible case’ until 
I experienced my first breakthrough with my mentor 
- the ONLY person who saw hope & believed in me 
when I was VERY close to literally dying.

With a holistic approach of intensive emotional & spiritual healing, 
customized food therapy & coaching I experimented with a lineage of mentors, teachers and guides…

Within 8 weeks, my IBS symptoms and psoriasis disappeared.
Within 12 weeks, I got my menstrual period back (absent for 8 years).
All these – without any supplements or medication.
Today, I’m at my healthiest, happiest and most fulfilled in
my relationships, career and  finances. 
My mission is to help people like you 
heal, grow and experience the happiness, peace, freedom & abundance 
- above & beyond your imagination.

With powerful support from the right people who have the results you want, YOU TOO CAN breakthrough your ‘impossible’ and create 
new possibilities for your life within months & even weeks .
This is the Speed Of Grace.
Regardless of  your history, you deserve it too."
    •  For you if: You're feeling overwhelmed & frustrated with striving. You want to experience the 'ease & grace' in your day to day life AND still thrive in life.
    •  For you if: You're afraid of taking your first step but you're EVEN MORE afraid of staying stuck because you know that money can be earned. But you can never earn back the lost time you've been wasting.
    •  For you if:  You've been feeling lonely, lost & stressed out trying to figure things out alone. You know that you can breakthrough much faster with close guidance from someone who has real world results like Val 
    •  For you if: You’re committed to show up with an open-heart and mind to learn & take-action 
    •  For you if: You're committed and ready to invest time, energy and money on your personal growth and professional development.
    •  For you if:  You feel misunderstood & discouraged because even your loved ones don't seem to 'get' you. You wonder if there's anyone out there who cares & believes in you and your dreams.
    • Not for you if: You're half-hearted to invest some time, money & energy in your personal growth & quality of life. 
    •  Not for you if: You’re extremely contented with where you are now; you've no desire to create new possibilities for yourself & your life
    •  Not for you if:  You tend to complain and blame others for your life results. 
    • Not for you if: You prefer quick fixes that don’t require effort on your part
    •  Not for you if:  You're 100% confident you can do it all alone. 
    • Not for you if: You're someone who's contented to just 'get by' in life
    •  Not for you if: You're not open to explore your greatest potential & undiscovered gifts 
    •  Not for you if:  You're not open to be surrounded by empowering people who enjoy learning & growing

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